Handmade conference demo
Medc (πŸ—£med see) is an editor for C. It was written for πŸ“±phones and adapted to πŸ–₯desktop.

It features:

individual line wrapping, prettified
When you click on the right edge of an overlong line, it will expand prettified.
The expansion is editable. When you πŸ“±swipe left πŸ–₯right click, an expansion unexpands. Changed lines will edit spaces according to priority.
Unchanged lines retain their original formatting.
Lines can also be expanded without prettifying.
hierarchical collapsing based on {} and empty lines
Groups of nonempty lines are collapsed into their first line.
{} blocks are included.
At the top level, functions are also grouped.
Top-level groups are collapsed further.
πŸ“±swipe control
Swipe in the right third of the screen to scroll.
Swipe up in the middle to search.
Swipe down in the middle for commands.
code generation via shell script comments
// Generated: echo 'int foo;'
int foo;
// Generated: will replace the line below it with the first line of the output of the code after 'Generated: '.
/* GEN
echo 'int foo;'
echo 'long foo2;'

int foo;
long foo2;
/* GEN will run the rest of the comment as a shell script and replace the lines until the line //ENDGEN with its output.
πŸ“±Termux integration
'Intent Termux' will send a RUN_COMMAND intent to Termux with RUN_COMMAND_PATH /data/data/com.termux/files/usr/bin/medcncmd.
● ~single-file, public domain C source
etc: multicursor, regex search, regex replace, undo, select, line select, cut/copy/paste

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