There are truly no guarantees to be found here, I just dropped the version I'm working on without testing anything


Instructions (apk is samsung only?? s9+ only?) (untested):

  1. Install apk
  2. Open the app ("Tutorial 06csim"), save, etc, all the changes are made to /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.vulkan.tutorials.sixcsim/files/c/AndroidMain.c

I recommend Termux to help you deal with that file outside of medc


Let me know any other issues/questions at, I'll probably have some kind of public place for that at some point

Building (untested):

Logs are in /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.vulkan.tutorials.sixcsim/files/log.txt, maybe some of those libraries included in the source only work on my phone/architecture so you might need to replace them with one for your phone. The main source is in c/AndroidMain.c in the source zip. Can't say it's all public domain yet because it's modified from a Vulkan helloworld tutorial


Build (untested):

  1. Get Visual Studio
  2. Download source zip
  3. Open the visual studio file and build from there
  4. Run with a command line argument of the file you want to edit

Right click is unexpand, ctrl-f find, ctrl-s save, etc